Seating is availability indoors and outdoors on the front and back decks, as well as in the garden area where children have access to the fun-filled ‘Kiddies Outdoor Play Area’

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What we have to offer

Everything you need to know

  • Private Events
    • Venue Hire Fee
    • First Come – First Served
    • The Client is allowed to bring in:
      • Own Decor
      • Own flowers
      • Balloons
      • Cake
      • We supply – White / Blue / Pink Overlay Options
      • We supply – White Chairs
      • We supply PA system if needed for speeches (No loud Music allowed)
    • 6 Hours use of Venue (Olive Room & Back Deck)
    • Dedicated staff – 1 per 10 guests
    • Gratuity (10% Tip) will be allocated automatically


  • Non Private Events
    • Deposit required to secure group bookings
    • All bookings in the ‘Main Restaurant‘ and ‘Front Deck’ are NON Private Group Bookings
    • Dedicated staff 1 per 15 guests
    • Gratuity (10% Tip) will be allocated automatically
    • Standard Restaurant Music (Music will not be turned down/put off for any reason)
    • No dancing, no Speeches with PA system
    • Standard restaurant setup
      • Standard Washable Gold Overlay
      • Standard Chairs
      • Standard Vase with a Flower
    • The Client is allowed to bring in:
      • Flowers for the table
      • Cake
      • Balloons
      • Table Decor
      • No items permitted to be hung from the roof
    • Strict time limits: (Please be Considerate towards other Guests for the next Seating)
      • Breakfast 07:30 till 11:00
      • Lunch 12:00 till 16:30
      • Dinner 17:30 till 22:00

Private Events

A place to celebrate

The Kraal Restaurant and/or the Olive Room can be booked out privately for events. Please see attached ‘Rate Card’ for venue hire fees.